Erin Mills Connects community collaborative’s objectives are that young people are better informed about mental health, access more mental health supports & use more mental wellness tools, and that students are better able to advocate for themselves and their peers. Integral are community stakeholders collaborating to promote positive mental health, and caregivers learning how they can increase young people’s mental wellness.

Beautiful Mind Day

The Beautiful Mind Day program, which includes field trips and facilitator training, is a key initiative in our plan for community collaboration toward child and youth mental health. It involves the co-operation of various organizations, including the EMC Steering Committee; University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) Centre for Child Development, Mental Health, and Policy (CCDMP); Coach Miguel Martinez of MTClife, co-founder of Beautiful Mind; The Dam, and participating elementary schools. Evidence-based curriculum is rooted in The 3Es: Empathy for self, Empathy for others and Emotion regulation, developed by partners at CCDMP. Beautiful Mind Day is free to students.

Healthy Relationships Plus (HRP) programs

The Healthy Relationships Plus (HRP) programs, taking place during school breaks, are another important component of our work. This youth program, developed and supported by Western University Centre for School Mental Health, provides 2-3 days of workshops focused on building healthy relationships, critical thinking about social media and peer pressure, and developing strong interpersonal communication skills. Groups are facilitated by an HRP Senior Facilitator from Erin Mills Connects and receive support from community partners and The Dam. Youth receive a certificate of completion from Western University and Community Involvement Hours for active participation. HRP is free to participants.

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Agenda Gap

The Agenda Gap program, which runs from January to June, aims to equip youth to lead action to contribute to policies that strengthen mental health for youth and their communities. It involves a small group of youth participating in two-hour workshops over 16+ weeks to learn and share their expertise about positive mental health and the factors that support it (e.g., social determinants of health, human rights and positionality) in order to engage in policy development with the support of adult allies. The program is delivered by the University of British Columbia’s Wellstream: The Canadian Centre for Innovation in Child & Youth Mental Health & Substance Use. Local and UBC leaders facilitate the program. The program includes a culminating group project by Agenda Gap youth. Youth receive Community Involvement Hours. Agenda Gap is free to participants.

UBC’s community report from the first Ontario cohort is here.

Beyond High School

The Beyond High School: A guide to discovering your pathway to success (BHS) resource is an ongoing program that provides graduating students and their families a route to access postsecondary programs and mental health support, FREE online at The resource is available in multiple languages and workshops can be arranged for school councils, community groups and agencies.  

Steering Committee Youth

The Youth contingent of EMC’s Steering Committee involves youth leading meetings to discuss gaps and opportunities for programs. The meetings are held in-person and youth members are given meeting per diems to help with expenses. The program is delivered by the EMC Steering Committee including youth members, and a community partner, MindShare Workspace, graciously provides meeting space and equipment for hybrid meeting. This program highlights the importance of youth involvement and empowerment in our plan for community collaboration toward child and youth mental health.