Caregivers and other community stakeholders gain knowledge, access resources, collaborate with community members, and contribute to the improvement of child and youth mental wellness when participating in Erin Mills Connects’ events. Overall, programs provide opportunities for learning, capacity building, advocacy, and community engagement. Sign up for notices of upcoming events here.

Community Check-in

At Community Check-ins community stakeholders and EMC’s Steering Committee together learn about highlighted resources in the community. They share information and discuss ways to better promote positive mental health of children and youth. Check-ins are conducted virtually and participation is free.

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Caregiver Workshops

These workshops are designed to increase the capacity of caregivers, including teachers, in supporting the mental health of young people. The workshops are offered both virtually and in-person, and participation is free. Topics have included parenting challenges, Happy Parents Happy Kids, Dysregulation and Overcoming It, Emotion Coaching and The 3Es of Social-Emotional Development.

The University of Toronto Mississauga Centre for Child Development, Mental Health, and Policy team introduced Erin Mills caregivers to the 3Es of Social-Emotional Development

Beyond High School: A guide to discovering your pathway to success

This is not just for students. Guidance counselors, caregivers, and any professional working for the mental wellness of children and youth will appreciate this compendium of post-secondary pathways and mental health information in multiple languages. Parents and guardians can use this resource to have thoughtful discussions with their children while they explore opportunities provided by apprenticeships, work, entrepreneurship, college, university and gap years. Workshops to explain Beyond High School are available to groups upon request at info@erinmillsconnects. Download or read the resource in English, French, Urdu or Arabic free: Bonus: Accompanying workbooks make completing exercises easier.