Project Now PDF – presented by Dr. Ian Dawe on Oct. 3, 2019

Project Now Self-Nomination Application Form and Flyer

Dr. Ian Dawe is a main Champion: News

Project Now PDF – presented by Mia Lennox and Michele Sparling on Feb. 4, 2020

Partner Projects and Programs

Peel Multicultural Council offers programs for newcomer youth:

Lorretta Neebar, UTM Registrar, presented a new program:

In March 2021, EMC with Dr. Karmie Dhillon and Kelsey Adams of Western University spoke to the Service Delivery Network Table of the Peel Newcomer Strategy Group about Healthy Relationships Plus programs (including enhanced versions for newcomer, LGBT2Q+ and other youth).

Beautiful Mind Events

Since 2017, Erin Mills Connects has been holding Beautiful Mind Events (BMEs) for children and youth in Erin Mills. In 2019, EMC standardized its exit questionnaires for all participants to better track changes.

2019 Beautiful Mind Event feedback

Youth program, Healthy Relations Plus (HRP) and HRP – Enhanced for newcomer youth are evidence-based and effective. National Implementation Report

One-page description of HRP-E programs –

Research-based MindUP, developed by the Hawn Foundation and used widely, provides children (ages 9-11) with skill-building tools be more optimistic, kind and mindful.

Recent evidence shows that pre-adolescents who learn optimism, key for well-being, in Grade 4 have its lasting effects years later. (Research by Oberle E et al. 2016)

Researchers note that, “participating in MindUP may offer several benefits to grade 4-7 Canadian students including: increased mindful awareness; improved social and emotional competencies; …better relationships with teachers and peers; better academic achievement and engagement; and improved psychological and physiological well-being.” (Maloney, J. et al., 2016, p. 326)

Parent/Guardian Events

Infographic on Parent & Teen Communication Workshop

The Virtual Village PART I: It Starts with You handout

The Virtual Village PART II: Caring for Your Kids handout

Slides from Dr. Michael Ungar’s presentation on resilience