Past Events

Community Check-in with one of our favourite authors, Ann Douglas

The first Community Check-in of the new school featured Ann Douglas, parenting author extraordinaire. See the abridged webinar on our blog and participate in the exercise of asking yourself three questions to put your pandemic experience in context for a better future.

Strength-based resilience

This spring, Dr. Tayyab Rashid spoke about resilience—our ability to adapt well to disruptions. This experiential presentation shared strengths-based skills and strategies to build resilience among families and youth. Dr. Rashid is a licensed clinical and school psychologist at the Health & Wellness Centre, University of Toronto Scarborough. For more than 15 years, Dr. Rashid has worked with individuals experiencing complex mental health issues, especially young adults from diverse cultural backgrounds. To see Dr. Rashid’s presentation, visit the Erin Mills Connects blog,

Dr. Tayyab Rashid of U of T Scarborough

Community Forum featuring Dr. Tina Malti and Dr. Ruth Speidel of UTM

Dr. Tina Malti (L) and Dr. Ruth Speidel of UTM spoke about kindness as an important component of social-emotional development.

Close to 50 community leaders including parents were part of the discussion at Erin Mills Connects Community Forum on May 18.  Supported by her team and her world-leading research in the areas of child social-emotional development and adversity, Dr. Tina Malti discussed her research on child well-being and social-emotional development, and a recent community-partnership initiative. Information and resources from the Community Forum are published at

Beautiful Mind Day — It was a Special Opportunity for Children and Adolescents

Dr. Rumeet Billan spoke to more than 150 grade 6-12 students and their family members online at two sessions on Apr. 26. The topic of her discussion was “Who Do I Want to Become?”  This interactive, online session was based on Dr. Billan’s award-winning book of the same name.  She discussed pathways, ways to be a leader and how to care for oneself during this difficult time. For a chance to hear Dr. Billan read her award-winning book to younger Erin Mills residents, visit

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Erin Mills Connects Beautiful Mind Day for children and youth was reinvented this spring for a virtual environment.

Community Forum Featuring a Youth Panel: On Feb. 25, 2021, almost 60 community leaders participated in an event where youth from Grades 8-12 spoke about the challenges of learning and growing up in a pandemic. A podcast is posted on 
Raising Resilient Children: Dr. Michael Ungar presented to the community on Dec. 3, 2020. Thanks to Dr. Ungar, Moderator Mary Nanavati, and other volunteers who helped run the webinar. Most of all, thanks to more than 160 participants who spent time with us.
Erin Mills Connects is a non-profit collaborative working to improve the well-being of children, youth and families in west Mississauga. Its charitable partner is The Dam. 

Watch the excellent and informative presentation by Dr. Dillon Browne featuring new research at
The Virtual Village: Thank you to parents and guardians who spent time with us and Ann Douglas on two webinars in May 2020. We truly became members of The Virtual Village. Webinars (Part I: It Starts with You, and Part II: Caring for Your Kids) were enlightening, hopeful, and full of sound strategies to make this pandemic less stressful for everyone. Recordings of Ann’s prepared remarks are available at the Erin Mills Connects blog Please encourage your friends and family to watch.