About Us

Who is Erin Mills Connects? 

Erin Mills Connects community organization (EMC) was founded in 2016 as a collaborative of close to 60 community leaders. Its Steering Committee includes representatives of area schools, the Region of Peel, Peel Multicultural Council, Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services, the Dam: Develop-Assist-Mentor, Erin Mills parents/guardians and youth. Working with its partners, the group holds events that inform and connect students and parents/guardians to local resources and services that increase well-being in the “L5M” area.

Erin Mills Connects community organization’s vision is:

To have a vibrant and engaged Erin Mills community that can raise awareness and advocate for the needs of community members.

Our overall mission is: 

To address the needs of children, youth and families in the Erin Mills Community by collaboratively promoting relationships, bringing together schools, organizations and needed resources.

EMC’s Values are: Collaboration/Co-operation; Diversity/Inclusiveness; Equity and Equality; Fairness; Connectedness; Community/Engagement; Respect

Steering Committee Members and Coordinator

Namita Parmar
John Fraser SS
Lorretta Neebar
University of Toronto Mississauga
Maria Reolin
Learning Disabilities Association of Peel Region
Sagal Abdulle
Peel Multicultural Council
Christine Barnes
Castlebridge P.S.
Patrick Cahill
Community Member
Shymol Chambachan
Community Member
Cathy Chamberlain
Seba Jessri
Peel Newcomer Strategy Group
Kinga Melak
Peel Multicultural Council
Kiran Maqsood
Polycultural and Immigrant Community Services
Miguel Martinez
Caroline Mulvey
Community Member
Mary Nanavati
EMC Founder and Community Member
Sharon N.
Youth Representative
Carol Reist
The Dam: Develop-Assist-Mentor
Diane Stewart
Peel Public Health
Lin Tian
Community Member
Jaimi Woolsey
Thomas Street MS